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Each goldback bill has .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. Goldback bills carry a precise amount of pure gold between layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.


The Wyoming Goldback Series introduces Fidelitas, or Loyalty, as its featured design on the 25 Goldback denomination. Fidelitas embodies the spirit of loyalty and is depicted as a typical Wyoming ranch girl eagerly awaiting her groom on her wedding day. The magnificent Grand Teton Mountains serve as a picturesque backdrop alongside the quaint log Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration, a historic landmark nestled within the Grand Teton National Park.


Inspired by the parable of the ten virgins from the Gospel of Matthew, Fidelitas represents the idea of being prepared and faithful in anticipation of a significant event. Loyalty involves a steadfast commitment and the readiness to act on behalf of the person or cause one is loyal. Fidelitas sits on a wooden fence, dressed in simple wedding attire, adorned with a bridal wreath, holding a lit oil lamp in one hand and a cruse of oil in the other. The inscription "Faithful to the End" further encapsulates the essence of loyalty.


Accompanying Fidelitas is her faithful cattle dog, lying at her feet next to a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a small bowl of salt spilling onto the earth. These items hold deep Christian symbolism, signifying the reciprocal loyalty between Jesus Christ and his followers. Meanwhile, a cow in the background represents abundance and blessings resulting from unwavering loyalty. In the foreground, wheat grows, ready to be harvested and separated from the tares, symbolizing the fruitful outcomes of loyal deeds and the separation of loyal individuals from those who lack loyalty.


The Wyoming Goldback embodies the intrinsic value of gold and captures the spirit of loyalty and preparedness in the face of momentous occasions. It serves as a testament to Wyoming's rich history and traditions, inviting individuals to appreciate the virtues of faithfulness and dedication. The unique blend of artistic elements and profound symbolism makes the Wyoming Goldback a remarkable addition to any collection or a valuable currency for those who recognize the significance of gold.


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$25 Wyoming Goldbacks

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