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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Precious & Strategic Metals Newsletter / August 28, 2020


Here is the trading range of the Precious Metals for the month of August 2020 (August 1-28):

Gold               $1,977.50         $1,966.70         - $10.80        - 0.005%

Silver             $24.57              $27.50              + $2.93 -       +11.9%

Platinum        $912.70            $940.20            + $27.50       + 3.0%

Palladium      $2,118.00         $2,236.00         + $118.00      + 5.5% ********************************************************************************


Our view is that gold price volatility is here to stay, according to analysis and forecasts with even steeper price swings than the $100 daily moves seen this week. Aside from the overall bullish outlook for Gold, wild price moves are keeping investors busy trying to figure out their strategy while Gold bounces between the lows and highs of $1,900 an ounce.


Trans World Metals, Ltd view on gold next week is one of expecting prices to test the $2,000 an ounce level, an important trigger to watch. If gold can sustain its gains above that critical psychological level, more gains are likely in store.The next time we get through the resistance level of $2,000 an ounce level, it should be the next leg up for gold.

We recommend  keeping emotions out of it and maintaining a gold position as part of a balanced portfolio.

Gold has been money for thousands of years, and buying it for your portfolio will give you wealth preservation. The governments of China, India, and Russia are accumulating as much gold as they possibly can now, and Central Banks are accumulating more Gold now than ever before. Warren Buffet has also re-evaluated gold and is now a buyer. Some analysts predict it could reach $4,000.00 and above in the future.



SILVER IS UP $15.38 SINCE MARCH OF THIS YEAR !! THAT MEANS SILVER IS UP 126.89% SINCE MARCH !! NOTHING IN THE WORLD HAS APPRECIATED THAT MUCH !!  BUY AS MUCH SILVER AS YOU CAN RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT IS GOING MUCH HIGHER !! Our view is that we are in the skyrocketing move that has been predicted to be Silver's destiny. NOW IS THE TIME TO LOAD UP ON SILVER. SILVER IS THE BEST INVESTMENT IN THE WORLD TODAY. The Gold to Silver Ratio is now 71.5 to 1, and this is a SERIOUS BUYING SIGN FOR SILVER !!! The fundamentals for silver are incredible right now, and the future consumption for silver in the upcoming years projects continual shortage on the horizon due to solar panel utilization, with rising mining costs to excavate deeper and deeper to mine the silver.



Historically, Platinum reached an all-time high of $2,253 per oz. in March 2008, up from its lowest point of $97.70 in January 1972. Its latest high was in August 2016 when it reached $1,157.97.

The most recent Platinum commodity price as of December 11, 2019, is $920.13, after starting this year at a level of $799.54. Platinum is up 14.96% or $140.66 so far this year

Depending on new technological uses Platinum could very well be "a sleeper."

There are some suggestions that new technologies, in particular electric vehicles and small satellite manufacture, will require greater quantities of this Precious Metal in the future.

Trans World Metals, Ltd recommends buying Platinum before Gold based on possible price appreciation and the fact that one can get two (2) ounces of Platinum for the price of one (1) ounce of Gold.

Platinum is a naturally occurring chemical element that is actually about 30 times rarer than gold, according to Jenny Luker, president of Platinum Guild International USA (PGI), a marketing organization for the platinum jewelry industry.

Platinum's future indicates that it very well could be be used as a viable substitute for the more expensive Palladium. Investment demand has increased because of Platinum's low price and positive future outlook. Investment demand in 2020 and beyond remains strong but is well below the record level of 2019, despite a fall in mining. There will still be a sizable surplus in 2020.

It would be prudent to note that Platinum has demonstrated 500% price increases in the past.



PALLADIUM Palladium is one of the rarest metals on earth and even more scarce than Platinum – 15 times more rare to be precise. If all the platinum in the world fits in your house, then every ounce of palladium can easily squeeze inside your living room. Palladium is a lustrous white material, one of the six Platinum-group metals (along with Ruthenium, Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium and Platinum itself). About 85% of Palladium ends up in catalytic converters in car exhausts, where it helps turn toxic pollutants into less-harmful carbon dioxide and water vapor. It is also used in electronics, dentistry and jewelry. The metal is mined primarily in Russia and South Africa and mostly extracted as a secondary product from operations that are focused on other metals, such as platinum or nickel. Palladium’s status as a byproduct to Platinum or Nickel mining means producers aren’t quick to respond to price changes. In fact, output is projected to fall short of demand for a ninth straight year in 2020. That has helped drive prices to successive records. While some obscure metals like Rhodium are still more valuable, Palladium traded above Gold for most of the past year. IF YOU ARE SUFFICIENTLY HOLDING THOUSANDS OF OUNCES OF SILVER AND PLATINUM AT THIS TIME, PALLADIUM WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT WAY TO DIVERSIFY YOUR HARD ASSET PORTFOLIO OR BROADEN YOUR PORTFOLIO'S FOUNDATION. NEWS FLASH: CREATING SERIOUS AND IMMEDIATE BUY SIGNALS FOR SILVER AND OTHER PRECIOUS METALS FOR WEALTH PRESERVATION !!! Federal Reserve Chairman Powell's speech rolled out a plan that will "RESET" United States currency. The last time that the Federal Reserve had any significant "reset" of the U.S. currency was in 1970. The United States Dollar is in serious crisis. The purported idea is for the Central Banks to shift from what they have been doing to allow inflation to go up, targeting 2%, and to allow inflation to run hotter. This will mean that prices will go up more than 2%. The game is over and the Feds are losing control. They know it and they are preparing for a currency collapse. So they will now target an "average" of 2% inflation. This their way of working to head off higher inflation or essentially "cutting it off at the pass". The Senate and the House are both working on bills pushing for how to "get rid of cash" to push interest rates below 0%. There is the outlook that cash or money is a dead instrument and the central banks would like to see your principal evaporate and that they want you to spend most of if. This inspires people to go out and spend and therefore transition to a cashless situation, and this could happen within weeks. If this takes place, the plan could make the money in central bank accounts legal currency. The Fed's bullet point plan is geared for Chase, Wells Fargo, B of A, and other banks and credit unions and the Post Office to become involved in this program. There is a bill in the house that is called "Banking for All Act" that will allow the central banks money to replace all current Bank money. Essentially the central bank money will replace all existing bank money in all of the accounts across the country because the reset will now make central bank money as Legal Tender. This means that inflation will be 2% more and 2% more every year. How will that add up for you?? Currently, households are taking on more debt to maintain their current standard of living and lifestyle than their income can support. The Feds are also looking at digital lifetime tax, giving them more control and citizens less control over their lives. We view this "new monetary digital currency system" as a con. The Fiat Money system of 2008 was a failure, and the interbank lending rate plunged. It wasn't until 2012 that it came out to simply be an orchestrated manipulation. This new program will allow central banks to get you do do spending as they want you to do. Was it a coincidence that the Corona Virus happened at the same time that the Fed banks came out and did trillions in loans that will prove to be a failed endeavor? Powell had said at the time "everything was fine, the economy was strong, there was no bank system problem before Corona virus." This is not viewed to be true, as all indicators showed the foretelling and circumstances for a recession, if not now a depression. There are indications that the system died in 2008 and that the Feds knew it. Last September the money market system was collapsing and the Feds jump in to pump trillions of dollars into the system and into the banks.The Feds say they won't buy bonds to keep things afloat, but that remains to be seen. Hyper-inflation will come with their brilliant plan for "universal income" based on "digital money" to the tune of $1200 - $4000 that gets put into everybody's bank accounts There is no such thing as a Free Lunch." The National Debt is $28,504,299,529,617.00 and rolling.

OWNING PHYSICAL GOLD, SILVER PLATINUM, AND PALLADIUM AND LOTS OF IT IS CRITICAL WITH THIS NEW DIGITAL CURRENCY COMING OUT!! OWNING PRECIOUS METALS IS ONE OF THE ONLY THINGS THAT WILL GIVE YOU FINANCIAL FREEDOM !! IN ORDER TO HOLD ONTO FREEDOM, YOU MUST HOLD PHYSICAL PRECIOUS METALS. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FUTURE !! No matter what is happening in the economy, Precious Metals will make for wealth preservation and safety, which what you need to maintain a reasonable standard of living. It's time to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. History has a tendency to repeat itself, and every time that the currency has been reset, the value has been tied to Gold and Silver. Now is no different. Gold and Silver are "Good Money" and a global utility for 500-600 years. Whenever there has been hyper-inflation, Silver and Gold prices have risen. Right now corporations are borrowing money and all they are paying is the interest on their loans, not the principal. When they go under, we will be looking at a supply and demand situation to fuel the inflation, as inflation is based on goods and services, which corporations produce and provide. One last serious consideration is that studies show that for every one (1) ounce of physical Gold there are 62,999 ounces of "paper Gold." NOW THAT IS BEING LEVERAGED !! So for $150.00 banks control one (c) contract of 500 ounces of Gold. The price to central banks is $110.00, and that controls 500 ounces of Gold. So for $150.00, one can control 1 million dollars worth of Gold. With everything coming to a head, if the financial situation explodes and everyone stands in line for delivery, the Gold is not there. The stock market is over inflated at record highs. The CEO's, CFO's, and Board of Directors are getting cashed out, which is exactly what happened in 1928 ahead of the crash. So imagine what will happen to all the Retirement Accounts that are totally invested in stocks. NOW IS THE TIME TO RE-EVALUATE YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS AND ROLLOVER TO PRECIOUS METALS IRA'S AND BUY SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, AND PALLADIUM WITH MONEY YOU ALREADY HAVE!!! DO IT TODAY !


STRATEGIC METALS:  POISED FOR APPRECIATION INDIUM The global Indium market size was estimated at 810 tons in 2016. Increasing product and its derivatives consumption for the production of electronic items such as transparent conductive layers in flat panels, LCD, LED, touch panels, electro-luminescent lamps, and in aircraft engines are expected to be the major factors driving the demand over the forecast period. Indium as a metal possesses several distinctive properties. Some of these include a high rate of thermal transfer, softness, unique bonding with nonmetallic substances, consistent properties at cryogenic temperatures, and cold welding. These expediencies of the element over its substitutes make it a perfect choice for its end-use product manufacturers.

RUTHENIUM Ruthenium's main use in electrical applications (higher density data storage) is considered, in particular: manufacturing bases, players and regions; price and performance drivers encouraging the use of ruthenium; and threats to ruthenium at current prices (substitution, new technologies). Also included are the applications of chemical catalysis, especially acetic acid synthesis, ammonia production and metathesis (Grubbs) catalysts, market intelligence on capacity by region and consumption, growth areas, and demand upside. Future demand opportunities in applications such as aerospace turbine blades, where super alloys are widely used, are assessed. TITANIUM Titanium BAR price prediction, or you can say Titanium BAR forecast, is done by applying our in-house deep learning (neural network) algorithm on the historical data of TBAR. Based on the historical price input data, the system predicts the price of Titanium BAR (TBAR) for various periods of the future. You can check out the Titanium BAR (TBAR) price forecast for various period of the future like tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, after 5 years. TITANIUM BAR PRICE PREDICTIONS AND FORECAST AFTER PRICE CHANGE 1 day           $0.0277      -13.67% 1 week        $0.0284      -11.40% 1 month      $0.0277       -13.38% 6 months    $0.0316       -1.33% 1 year        $0.0357        11.41% 5 years      $0.5056        1,478.40% THESE ARE STRATEGIC METALS THAT STAND TO OFFER SUBSTANTIAL PROFITS IN THE FUTURE!!


With Warmest Aloha, Bill Armijo, President (310) 613-3178 Trans World Metals, Ltd. Trading in Precious Metals and Strategic Metals for 34 years (since 1986) A "Recognized Retailer" for the United States Mint Members of the London Metals Exchange Authorized PCGS Coin Broker / Dealers Fax: (808) 331-0626 Instagram: @TransWorldMetals

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