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Each note contains 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold.


Goldbacks notes are formed using proprietary processes that layer thin amounts of gold together in polymer sheets. Fans of spendable gold have another new option. It is important to note that Goldback Gold Notes are not legal tender. Instead, these are a form of voluntary currency that can be used with any vendor willing to accept gold for payment.


Obverse imagery on the 1 Nevada Goldback Gold Notes depicts the female personification of Caritas. The Latin term Caritas translates as Charity and is considered one of the seven virtues in Christian theology. In Christianity, Caritas represents the virtue of love for God and love for one’s fellow man.


If your faith in the Federal Reserve and fiat currencies around the world has been shaken, Goldback Notes offer an alternative as old as any form of human currency. These Nevada Goldbacks are spendable, versatile gold notes that can be used in actual transactions in the state of Nevada with any participating vendor.


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1 Nevada Goldbacks Gold Note

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