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Each note contains 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold.


Goldbacks are the smallest form of usable gold in the world with just 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold content. These notes are formed using proprietary processes that layer thin amounts of gold together in polymer sheets. Fans of spendable gold have another new option. It is important to note that Goldback Gold Notes are not legal tender. Instead, these are a form of voluntary currency that can be used with any vendor willing to accept gold for payment.


The obverse of 1 New Hampshire Goldback Gold Notes features a depiction of Gratia, a female personification that represents one of the three Charities. According to Greek mythology, the Charities represent charm, beauty, nature, and human creativity. The Charities are often said to be just three in number, but mythological texts have pointed to numerous allegories within the Charities.


In this design field, the figure of Gratia is captured as an indigenous female personification representing the native tribes of the New England region. A traditional tribal home is featured in the background, with Gratia seated near a pumpkin wearing traditional indigenous clothing.


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1 New Hamshire Goldbacks Gold Note

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