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Each note contains 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold.


Goldbacks are the smallest form of usable gold in the world with just 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold content. These notes are formed using proprietary processes that layer thin amounts of gold together in polymer sheets. Fans of spendable gold have another new option. It is important to note that Goldback Gold Notes are not legal tender. Instead, these are a form of voluntary currency that can be used with any vendor willing to accept gold for payment.


The South Dakota Goldback PAX is A Tribute to Peace and Harmony!


This 1 Goldback Denomination features the theme of Pax, or Peace. Pax is a Lakota Native American woman, and she takes center stage in this stunning artwork. Depicted in her traditional regalia, Pax is captured in the midst of a hoop dance, a dance she personally demonstrated to the artist during her research in the state. The inspiration for this particular Virtue of Peace came directly from the speech and dance performance given by the Lakota performer on that fateful day. She shared the profound significance of her regalia, which represented not just her name, tribe, family, and heritage but also her personal passions.


Encounter a tapestry of symbolism, from the sacred Bear Butte (known as "Mato Paha") looming in the background to the animals encircling the Virtue of Peace. The traditional cancega drum is portrayed alongside the Sacred Hoop or Medicine wheel. There is also a representation of the seven sacred elements: land, air, water, rocks, animals, plants, and fire.


In the lower right corner, a Prairie Crocus, or Pasque flower, emerges as a symbol of the cyclical seasons of life. Just like the Pasque flower, our lives are brief, with generations preceding us upon whose shoulders we stand. The Pasque flower, known for being the first to bloom in spring and living out its entire life cycle in just two weeks, symbolizes the fleeting nature of our existence.


Beneath Pax's feet, the South Dakota 1 Goldback Denomination bears a poignant message: "Seek Peace." A reminder that peace is a choice and a journey that begins with harmony within ourselves and extends to the people and elements around us.


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1 South Dakota Goldbacks Gold Note

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