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These Goldback foil notes contain 1/100 oz .999 of fine Gold. 


Justitia, the goddess of Roman mythology representing justice, is depicted on the obverse, grasping a sword and scales, while a banner adorned with the name "JUSTITIA" flows down the skirt of her gown. In recognition of the increased vigilance needed in the Wild West, Justitia is portrayed with her eyes open rather than covered by a traditional blindfold. Her appearance is inspired by the Statue of Justice on the Virginia City, Nevada, Storey County Courthouse.


Characteristics of the Nevada landscape and wildlife are depicted around Justitia, including Pyramid Lake and its bordering mountains, wild horses, a badger, and a mesquite tree, along with the historically significant six-shooter, rifle, and wine barrel. The word "BATTLEBORN" appears on a banner within the design, which references Nevada becoming a state during the American Civil War. A scripted caption below offers the sound advice "JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY." "10 NEVADA GOLDBACKS," "SPECIE LEGAL TENDER INSTRUMENT," "2023," and "1/100 TROY OUNCE 24K GOLD" are among the note's additional inscriptions. You will also find the text "Privately Issued. Not US Dollar Legal Tender."


Reverse: The state-of-the-art minting technique of the Aurum note produces a delicately frosted natural gold mirror image of the obverse design on the reverse.


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$10 Nevada Goldbacks

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