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These Goldback foil notes contain 1/100 oz .999 of fine Gold. 


Justitia, the virtue of Justice, takes center stage in the 10 Goldback Design. Against the backdrop of southern Utah, with the iconic red cliffs and Balancing Rock, Justitia wears the attire of a settler from the early years of Utah's settlement. Traditional symbols of justice, such as the blindfold, two-edged sword, and scales, emphasize the virtues of impartiality, fairness, and decisiveness necessary for effective justice.


The scene also incorporates elements that symbolize the miraculous events experienced by Utah's settlers. A seagull carrying a cricket in its mouth recalls the intervention of seagulls that saved the crops from swarming crickets, and a desert storm represents the end of a devastating drought, both attributed to collective fasting and prayer. These symbols highlight the positive aspects of justice, emphasizing blessings and mercy alongside punishment.


Throughout the design, the intricate details continue to convey meaning. A sage hen with twelve chicks represents the protection and mercy that justice can provide, alluding to biblical references. The balances held by Justitia feature a cross, heart, and anchor, symbolizing faith, hope, and charity as integral components of justice and mercy.


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$10 Utah Goldbacks

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