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Each goldback bill has .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. Goldback bills carry a precise amount of pure gold between layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.


The 25 Goldback Design showcases the Lady Virtue Victoria, also known as Victory, paying tribute to women's voting rights. As the inaugural design of the series, it serves as the artist's audition piece. Victoria proudly holds a banner proclaiming "Votes Counting Since 1870," acknowledging that women in Utah were voting even before the state's official establishment. Utah was the first state where a woman cast a vote (Seraph Young), closely followed by Wyoming granting women's suffrage a few months earlier.


This particular Goldback design highlights Utah women's remarkable achievements, including their teaching role and Martha Hughes Cannon becoming the first woman State Senator in 1911. Accompanying Victoria is a child, symbolizing the many women who marched for suffrage with their children and emphasizing the importance of instilling truth in future generations. The child carries a branch, representing the responsibility of tomorrow's stewardship and how today's victories contribute to shaping the future.


The design's message urges viewers to "Go on to Victory." The backdrop portrays the picturesque mountainscape of Alpine, Utah, visible through the window of the building where the designs were created. The flag in Victory's left-hand features the Chi-Rao Greek symbol for Christ, acknowledging the women's belief in divine assistance in pursuing freedom. In her right hand, she holds bundled wheat, symbolizing the aggregation of small victories into a significant and influential whole. Soaring in the background, a falcon represents faithful actions and the hope of reclaiming cherished aspects of life.


The path on which Victory stands is flanked by a stone wall on one side, signifying the gradual construction of good through incremental victories, and aspen trees on the other side, symbolizing the interconnectedness and shared heritage of humanity, especially through the women who bring each child into the world.

Goldbacks possess intrinsic value and can be used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the worth of gold.


The 25 Utah Goldback encapsulates the spirit of Utah's history and the triumphs achieved through perseverance, fortitude, and the pursuit of equality. It serves as a tangible testament to the contributions of women and invites us to honor the past while striving for even greater victories in the future.


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$25 Utah Goldbacks

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