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Each note contains 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold.


Goldbacks are the smallest form of usable gold in the world with just 1/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold content. These notes are formed using proprietary processes that layer thin amounts of gold together in polymer sheets. Fans of spendable gold have another new option. It is important to note that Goldback Gold Notes are not legal tender. Instead, these are a form of voluntary currency that can be used with any vendor willing to accept gold for payment.


On the obverse of the 5 New Hampshire Goldback Gold Notes, you will find a depiction of the Roman goddess Veritas. The goddess of truth, Veritas is shown wearing a long dress with a sash around her waist that reads “Veritas.” Her left hand holds up a lit candle to guide the way and she is shown walking along a path that leads toward a covered bridge. In the background field, you will notice the rolling hills of New Hampshire’s Appalachian range. Just across the river in the background, there is a moose.


The reverse side of 5 New Hampshire Goldback Gold Notes comes with a blank field. The only design visible here is the mirror image of the obverse depiction of Veritas. As mentioned earlier, it is not feasible to produce a separate design on this face as it would interfere with the brilliance of the obverse design.


These 5 New Hampshire Goldback Gold Notes are available to you brand new and come with protective currency sleeves to house the notes individually.


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5 New Hamshire Goldbacks Gold Note

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