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50 Goldback Aurum Foil Note is crafted from 1/20 Troy oz. of .999 fine gold. Goldback bills carry a precise amount of pure gold between layers of polyester which makes them resilient and durable.


The latest series of Goldbacks, New Hampshire 50 Goldback Denomination Design, is particularly special. It features the stunning White Mountain National Forest and showcases Libertas or Liberty, which holds the three elements of New Hampshire's original seal, representing unity and strength. The scene behind her also features a family of whitetail deer, symbolizing the importance of unity within families to pass on the principles of liberty to future generations.


Furthermore, this design includes elements from the Pine Tree Riots of 1732-1734, which were among the first acts of the Colonial Rebellion. The rebellion resulted from British actions that appropriated the Eastern White Pines for ship masts while prohibiting the cutting down of any trees with a diameter greater than 12 inches. To fight back, the residents formed a rebellion and attacked the British sheriff and his deputies, giving the sheriff a lashing with a pine switch for each contested tree.


This New Hampshire 50 Goldback Denomination Design is the first in the series to pilot a border design change, featuring a smaller denomination number in the bottom right corner and moving the written denomination at the top of the bill into the border at the bottom.


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$50 New Hampshire Goldbacks

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